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Empowering trucks with solar energy

Revolutionize your fleet with SolarOnTop, the cutting-edge onboard solar technology designed specifically for trailers and trucks. By harnessing solar energy, you empower your trucks and achieve a significant reduction in fuel consumption, from 1.000 to 3.000+ liters annually, while reducing carbon emissions by 3 to 9 tonnes of CO2 per year. SolarOnTop is a game-changer in the transportation industry.

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Zeelandia truck powered by solar energy
Solar panels atop the action truck
Grolsch truck powered by solar energy from SolarOnTop
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Uninterrupted operations

Ensure continuous operations, minimize downtime, and enhance fleet management performance.

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Fuel savings

Reduce the load on the engine and minimize idling times, resulting in up to a 5,5% total fuel savings.

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Happy drivers

Enjoy a comfortable driving experience with no power interruptions, quiet operations, minimal idling, and optimal cabin temperatures.

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Customer satisfaction

Ensure timely service delivery to end customers, avoiding delays due to dead batteries and offering a green and reliable service.

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Maintenance cost

Benefit from the intelligent charging methods of SolarOnTop, extending the truck battery life and reducing maintenance costs.

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Reduce reliance on fossil fuels, lower CO2 emissions, and ensure a positive, environmentally friendly experience for your valued customers.

Discover how solarOnTop energizes your fleet.

Empower your commercial vehicles with renewable energy

Power Generation

SolarOnTop's lightweight and flexible solar panels, installed on the trailer roof, clean and renewable electricity. This energy is stored in a SolarOnTop's lithium battery to power the Truck cabin electronics, trailer electric appliances, and support the alternator while driving.


Energy management

SolarOnTop's intelligent energy management system optimizes the delivery of solar energy based on vehicle needs and environmental conditions. It ensures efficient utilization and maximizes the impact of the generated power.


Energy distribution

The system smartly utilizes solar energy to power truck cabin components, such as HVAC and lights, as well as trailer appliances like tail lifts or forklifts. Surplus energy is stored in the battery for uninterrupted power supply at night or in adverse weather.

The SolarOnTop technology is compatible with both new and existing trucks and trailers. It can be easily retrofitted to your current fleet or seamlessly installed on brand new vehicles.

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SolarOnTop technology use cases

 Bpost truck powered by SolarOnTop


When the truck is parked, SolarOnTop provides clean electricity to power the cabin electronics of the truck, including HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning), lights, and entertainment systems.
This eliminates idling, reducing fuel consumption, keeping truck batteries charged during rest periods, and improving driver safety and comfort.

H.Essers SolarOnTop

Trailer appliances

SolarOnTop offers a smart solution for charging electrical appliances in trailers, including electric liftgates, electric pallet jacks, forklifts, tail lifts, movable floors, and more.
By harnessing solar power, this eco-friendly system reduces fuel consumption, eliminates delays caused by empty batteries, and significantly extends the lifetime of the appliances.

Vos Logistics SolarOnTop


While the truck is in motion, the SolarOnTop system efficiently delivers clean electricity to the vehicle, designed to seamlessly integrate with the truck's power system.
This integration ensures that the alternator stops generating electricity, effectively reducing the load on the diesel engine and resulting in significant fuel savings.

Solar panels for trucks

Lightweight, matte, flexible solar panels with thin-film cells are installed on the trailer roof, generating clean energy from the sun to power both the truck battery and trailer.

  • Wattage

    430 Watt-peak per solar module.

  • Robustness

    Resistant to washing and scratches.

  • Thickness

    3 mm.

  • Dimensions

    2m x 1m.

  • Weight

    6 Kg.

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Lithium battery

A lithium battery pack stores the solar energy generated by the solar panels during the day, providing reliable energy storage for later use.

  • Energy storage capacity


  • Chemistry

    LiFePO4 (lithium).

  • Installation

    Inside solarOnTop electronic housing unit.

  • Weight

    ~35 Kg.

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Energy management system

Smartly delivers energy to trucks and trailers based on their respective needs, optimizing fuel savings and energy efficiency.

  • Power supply


  • Dashboard

    Track SolarOnTop performance for fleet optimization and Monitor electrical status of trucks and trailers.

  • Telematics communication

    GPS + 4G

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Transform your truck in just one to two days.

Experience easy installation and enjoy immediate savings and environmental advantages with SolarOnTop.

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Situation analysis

Our experts will analyze your fleet's driving schedule to determine the optimal SolarOnTop configuration for maximum energy efficiency and savings.

Installation arrangement

Our skilled technical team or trusted partners will swiftly install the SolarOnTop system in just two days, minimizing downtime and maximizing your fleet's productivity.

Immediate savings

From the moment SolarOnTop is installed, you'll enjoy reduced fuel consumption and a positive environmental impact. Embrace instant savings and a greener fleet with SolarOnTop.

In this first year we already see that the SolarOnTop is delivering 60-70% of the energy demand. This Way the alternator is running less hours what also means a higher uptime of our trucks and batteries. This is a big advantage for our customers and employees. Because Heisterkamp can offer all the services a high grade of trust.

Heisterkamp Transport B.V

Chief operating officer.

Every initiative aimed at reducing emissions deserves careful consideration for its feasibility. Thanks to the SolarOnTop solution, we effectively cut our truck's fuel consumption by a percentage that justifies the investment and enables us to make a step towards a greener environment.

Van der Linden Hillegom B.V


For us, the motivation was to ensure that the air conditioning and refrigerator continue to work during the break in the daytime (in our work, the moment when we go to sleep). We now have a perfectly working system in which the driver can enjoy a cooled break, even in temperatures above thirty degrees without running the vehicle.

Van Rijnsbergen

Chief executive officer
Solar-powered Grolsch truck testimonial Van der Linden - Twinpack solar powered truck testimonial Van Rijnsbergen SolarOnTop testimonial

Become more sustainable and profitable.

Discover the next-generation of automotive energy technologies. Find out what SolarOnTop can do for you.

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