Lower fuel consumption with the power of the sun.

Reduce operational costs of heavy-duty vehicles with the SolarOnTop. Compatible with both new and existing trucks and semi-trailers, fleet owners can use the innovative technology to save fuel. Take advantage of the sun's free energy and become more sustainable now.

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Clean technology to improve road freight transportation.

The SolarOnTop is a technological upgrade for your semi-truck and trailer. It is a retrofit solution that is directly installed on the vehicle. What do you have to do to implement the SolarOnTop in your vehicle fleet?

  1. Contact IM Efficiency through the website.
  2. We will analyze your specific situation and make a business case.
  3. SolarOnTop installation is done within a day.
  4. Start saving immediately.
solar energy for trucks and semi-trailers
truck with solar panels


Who can use the SolarOnTop?

Any organization that employs heavy-duty vehicles. The SolarOnTop can benefit businesses that operate, own or lease trucks and/or semi-trailers, but also companies that ship goods through road freight. Get in touch with IM Efficiency through the website and we will demonstrate what SolarOnTop can do for you.

Plug&Play sustainability

Current vehicle fleets can be made more sustainable with the SolarOnTop. Fuel and cost savings start at the moment the SolarOnTop is implemented. Naturally, the technology can also be utilized to make new vehicles more green.

Retrofit and non-invasive

The installation procedure of the SolarOnTop is simple and non-invasive. Current electrical wiring of the truck and semi-trailer are left intact.

Compatible and flexible

The SolarOnTop is compatible with all major trucking and trailer manufacturers. Reciprocal connectivity flexibility of vehicles is maintained. If a SolarOnTop is not connected, the vehicles will keep working as normal.

Become more sustainable and profitable.

Discover the next-generation of automotive energy technologies. Find out what SolarOnTop can do for your organization.

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