IM Efficiency participates in the new European Platform ASOM

Association for Solar Mobility to accelerate shared solar mission

HELMOND, October 2020 - IM Efficiency, together with partners, set up a new European platform aimed at Solar in Mobility. The new platform is called ASOM. ASOM is a cooperative European platform to establish and stimulate the Solar Mobility Industry.

ASOM was founded together with Lightyear, SONO Motors, TNO, University of Twente and Eindhoven University of Technology. The Solar Mobility Industry is a new and growing value chain consisting of companies, organizations and research institutes developing photovoltaic solutions for efficient, convenient and environmentally friendly transport. With the foundation of the platform, the initiators join forces in the field of Solar in Mobility in Europe. ASOM invites other parties active in this market to join the platform.

Bundling should lead to an increase in the knowledge and applicability of Solar in Mobility in Europe. In addition, ASOM will be committed to jointly conducting scientific research. For the financing of these processes, the platform focuses on the European Union in the form of grants.

The application of Solar in mobility is at the beginning of an expected strong growth in applicability. At the moment there are few initiatives in practice where solar cells are built in or mounted on vehicles to provide the vehicle with energy. There is more and more knowledge about the applicability, while the quality and applicability of solar cells is also increasing.

Martijn Ildiz, CEO of IM Efficiency: “ASOM will ensure a strong connection between a wide variety of partners active in solar mobility, which offers IM Efficiency new forms of cooperation. IM Efficiency wants to achieve joint and individual goals by learning and supporting other innovative partners. Offering added value in applying for and implementing joint RD&I (research, development and innovation) programs in the field of solar mobility, we can accelerate the change that solar is bringing to the automotive sector.”

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