IM Efficiency contributes to SolarNL project: Revolutionizing the solar industry in the Netherlands and Europe.

IM Efficiency joins forces with Dutch solar companies to bring back photovoltaic manufacturing to the Netherlands through the SolarNL project.

We are thrilled to announce that IM Efficiency is part of the ambitious SolarNL project, a national research, innovation, and industrial investment program aimed at bringing back and stimulating photovoltaic (PV) manufacturing to the Netherlands and Europe. The program, submitted as a proposal for the National Economic Growth Fund in February 2023, is set to revolutionize the solar industry and put Europe at the forefront of solar panel manufacturing.

IM Efficiency member of the SolarNL project

The SolarNL project is a collaboration between a large consortium of Dutch solar companies, research organizations, and institutes, including IM Efficiency, Solarge, MCPV, HyET Solar, Compoform, Exasun, Energyra, Lightyear Layer, Taylor, TNO, Hogeschool van Amsterdam, SolarLab and NWO-I/AMOLF.

To harness the potential of PV and contribute to the growth of the Dutch economy, the National Growth Fund proposal aims to develop innovative PV technologies and an industrial base in the Netherlands. This program seeks to create billions of euros in economic value for decades to come by promoting local manufacturing and reducing supply chain distances. In addition, it offers multiple environmental benefits and reinforces strategic autonomy in the energy supply. The proposal aligns with the current momentum towards new industrial public policies on the EU level, highlighting its relevance and significance in the transition to a sustainable future.

At IM Efficiency, we are excited to contribute to the SolarNL project by leveraging our expertise in the integration of Solar Power producing systems in vehicles. Our team of experts will work closely with other consortium members to ensure the successful realization of this project.

With this consortium, we can bring back PV development, production and integration in buildings and vehicles, to the Netherlands. It is exciting to see the spirit, knowledge and possibilities of this group of companies and knowledge institutes. I sincerely think we can make a huge impact on the solar world in not only the Netherlands, but even Europe.

- Ruud Derks, CSO of IM Efficiency

Together, we are committed to large-scale production of circular integrated solar cells and panels from Dutch soil, with the goal of creating high-efficiency circular solar panels that take into account the specific requirements of the European and Dutch market. These panels must be much easier to recycle, fit more beautifully and also be applicable to vehicles or roofs that are not suitable for standard panels.

In conclusion, the SolarNL project is an exciting initiative that will revolutionize the solar industry and put Europe at the forefront of solar panel manufacturing. IM Efficiency is proud to be part of the consortium and contribute its expertise to the project. The success of this project will not only create economic value but also reinforce strategic autonomy in our energy supply and contribute to environmental sustainability.

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