IM Efficiency, the winner of SHV Energy innovation challenge

At IM Efficiency, we are pleased to announce that we have won the SHV Energy innovation challenge along with two other winning startups: Combifuel Germany and Gravity Climate.

The IM Efficiency SolarOnTop technology has been selected out of 100 proposals from start-ups and scale-ups worldwide to limit SHV Energy's direct CO₂ emissions in scope 1 and 2 at different stages of its value chain.

IM Efficiency won the SHV award for its ability to reduce carbon emissions in the fleet within a short period

SHV Energy, a global off-grid gas distributor, aims to reduce CO₂ emissions by 25% per tonne of LPG distributed by 2025 and to ensure that all the energy products it supplies are from sustainable and renewable sources by 2040.

As part of the SHV family-wide purpose `courage to care for generations to come`, SHV Energy is committed to creating a safe stable climate and contributing to cleaner air. Our global target is to reduce our CO₂ emissions by 25% per tonne of LPG distribued by 2025

- Michael Kossack, Management Board member and Chief Operating Officer, SHV Energy.

As innovation is considered essential to achieve these goals, SHV Energy has launched a challenge to find practical solutions in the following three areas:

  • Transportation & Logistics
  • Smart Facilities
  • Decision Support Systems

IM Efficiency’s SolorOnTop technology won the SHV innovation challenge award for its ability to significantly lower carbon emissions within a short timespan.

The SolarOnTop can contribute to solving the current challenges faced by SHV Energy in the transport and logistics segment

The SolarOnTop can contribute to solving the current challenges faced by SHV Energy in the transport and logistics segment, which accounts for 72% of scope 1 & 2 CO₂ emissions:

Challenge 1: High Fuel consumption

The SolarOnTop supplies the truck with green electricity from solar panels. When driving, a lower load on the engine reduces fuel consumption. In addition, there is no need to idle the engine to generate electricity.

Challenge 2: Reduce CO₂ emissions

By installing SolarOnTop on vehicles, SHV Energy can reduce CO₂ emissions by up to 7 tonnes per year per vehicle.

Challenge 3: Truck maintenance

Thanks to SolarOnTop, the truck battery has a longer useful lifetime and the load on the engine is lowered, which reduces maintenance costs.

We're looking forward to our newest sunny cooperation and are happy to work hand in hand with SHV Energy to implement the SolorOnTop technology within their vehicle fleet to make the next leap towards sustainability.

We're looking forward to making SHV Energy activities greener with onboard solar energy for their trucks, while advancing our SolarOnTop technology with SHV Energy's experience and knowledge.

- Martijn Ildiz, Co founder and CEO of IM Efficiency.

While SHV Energy has a global fleet for its activities, the start of the collaboration will focus on the European fleets, so keep your eye out on the road for SHV Energy’s newest solar trailers.