Hitachi Vantara reduces emissions through solar power

We are delighted to announce our recent partnership with Hitachi Vantara.

Hitachi Vantara, a data-driven company, aims to reduce CO₂ emissions to zero by 2030 and make its fleets more sustainable.

To make the next leap towards sustainability, IM Efficiency has partnered with Hitachi Vantara European distribution center to implement SolarOnTop on long-haul trucks.

Hitachi Vantara powers its truck with solar panels through SolarOnTop

SolarOnTop is an on-board solar technology that improves energy efficiency, reduces carbon emissions by 7 tonnes/year and fuel consumption by 2.000 liter/year.

Although EVs are gaining momentum with consumers and certain industries, they’re not an optimal choice for long-distance delivery, primarily due to challenges with charging and range. But the addition of solar could dramatically boost energy efficiency of our diesel-powered trucks, while saving money and helping lower carbon emissions.

- Hitachi Vantara.

Hitachi Vantara solar-powered truck with the SolarOnTop technology

The SolarOnTop technology can contribute to solving the current challenges faced by Hitachi Vantara's delivery truck fleet:

During parking time, truck drivers tend to leave their engines running to power their electrical appliances, whether lamps, heaters or devices such as radios or televisions. Instead of idling the engine to generate electricity, our SolarOnTop technology can produce clean energy from the power of the sun.

Electrical applications, such as tail lift, electric pallet truck: When there is insufficient electric charge left in the truck or trailer batteries, the driver switches the engine on, so the alternator can start generating electricity. Often this is done preventive, especially when the required power is large. With the SolarOnTop lithium battery, to which all electrical devices are connected, clean electricity can be stored and used for later use instead of turning on the engine.

We're looking forward to our newest sunny cooperation and are happy to work with Hitachi Vantara and Rhenus High Tech GmbH, the market leader for technical distribution, to implement SolorOnTop technology within their fleet of vehicles.