IM Efficiency is participating in the BNR Green Quest

Vote for us and help us make trucks love the sun!

Helmond, May 2021 - IM Efficiency is participating with its product SolarOnTop in the BNR Green Quest challenge, a competition among 31 start-ups with sustainable, innovative products. You decide with your vote who the winner of this challenge will be, and therefore we would like to ask for your help!

The election of our SolarOnTop in itself is a confirmation for us that our efforts in sustainability are appreciated. We are of course very proud of this! But we are going for that icing on the cake, for a crowning of the hard work of our entire international team!

However, we cannot do this without your help! Vote for us and contribute to a high ranking for SolarOnTop! Vote via:

Would you like to know more about our sustainable product, in which we use the sun to significantly reduce the CO2 emissions of trucks? Then watch this promotional video:

Your vote is highly appreciated! Thank you!

We make trucks love the sun 🌞🚛🌞