Vacancy: Field Service Mechanic

As a field service mechanic, you will deal with solar systems installed on trucks at IM Efficiency. You are involved from building prototypes to providing services and repairs to installed products. Therefore, you are handy and eager to learn in terms of both electrical and mechanical jobs.

Because you will experience our products up close in the field, you will become a real expert on solar technology in trucks. This is why colleagues also ask you for your advice and input on more complex projects. With a strong eye for reliability and quality, you will help build a energetic service organization.

On location, you sometimes support the installation. You are not satisfied until the installation is 100%. You will gladly lie down under a truck, even if the sun does not shine.

Have we managed to arouse your interest? Then we would like to tell you more about this very varied job within our team.

About IM Efficiency:

IM Efficiency runs trucks using solar energy. How cool is that!

We have developed a technology where roofs of trucks and trailers are covered with flexible solar panels, making the transport sector more sustainable and efficient. We do this with our product: SolarOnTop. IM Efficiency is in the scale-up phase. There are now more than 50 trailers/trucks driving around Europe with a working SolarOnTop and we are ready to grow.

Therefore, we are going to expand our team. That team consists of a mix of ages, nationalities and backgrounds. Together we come up with creative solutions, we are not afraid to share ideas with each other, we work hard to get the job done together and we do it with a lot of humor. We invite you to check out our website to learn more about technology.

You will work with these tasks:

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Do you think you can be as proud as we are of SolarOnTop and IM Efficiency? Join us and make trucks love the sun!

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