Heemskerk Dairy keeping it calm with SolarOnTop and MOFFETT

Sustainable and noise-free delivery

HELMOND, January 2022 – Heemskerk Dairy, IM Efficiency and MOFFETT collaborate to reduce noise around livestock and CO₂ pollution with vehicle integrated photovoltaics. IM Efficiency’s SolarOnTop technology is combined with MOFFETT’s fully electric truck mounted forklift, making the logistics process as quiet and clean as possible, so livestock animals stay relaxed.

Heemskerk Dairy powers its truck with solar panels through SolarOnTop

Normally unloading cargo at dairy farms causes a lot of noise and pollution: a gas powered forklift drives around and once it’s done, the truck engine idles for a moment to build up enough compressed air before it can drive off. With next-generation technologies, these negative consequences of the logistical process were decreased significantly.

Heemskerk Dairy has collaborated with IM Efficiency and MOFFETT for its newest trucks and semi-trailers. The vehicles are fitted with the SolarOnTop technology and MOFFETT’s electric truck mounted forklifts. The SolarOnTop charges the forklift while driving, so it has the maximum amount of range during operation, with the greenest energy possible. Additionally, the SolarOnTop uses the onboard solar energy to pressurize the compressed air system, reducing idling times to a minimum. After starting, the truck-trailer combination can drive off immediately. An effective addition to SolarOnTop’s sustainable features, according to IM Efficiency CEO Martijn Ildiz, who states that this functionality could benefit many fleet operators in light of idling regulations.

The remaining solar energy is supplied to the truck, maximizing the reduction of fuel consumption. While driving, the SolarOnTop supplies clean electricity, instead of electricity being generated by the alternator. While stationary or on a break, the SolarOnTop keeps the truck’s batteries fully charged, further reducing the need to idle.

By using the innovative all electric MOFFETT NX E425.3, Heemskerk Dairy has given a major boost to its sustainable endeavours. An important argument and condition of Heemskerk Dairy was that the truck mounted forklift had to be 100% emission-free. Since the MOFFETT E-Series NX generates zero emissions, very little noise and no vibrations, it is ideal for moving goods around farmers from outside to inside stables.

The MOFFETT E-series NX has the latest lithium-ion battery technology, which means that the truck mounted forklift does not emit any emissions. Perfect for delivering at night-time in silence in residential areas and operating in low-emission zones. The forklift is suited perfectly to work in halls, sheds and stables without polluting people and animals.

We’re committed to upgrading our equipment to the best technology available, so we can reduce the environmental impact of our logistics services and our customers.

- Eric Heemskerk, managing director Heemskerk Dairy

In order to reduce its carbon and NOx footprint and for the comfort, safety and well-being of the animals at the farms where the trucks unload their products, Heemskerk Dairy invested in the fully electric powered truck mounted forklift. But to charge the forklift when the vehicle was on the road for several days at a time, managing director Eric Heemskerk had to find a solution. SolarOnTop was chosen to not only provide the forklift with electricity, but also power the truck and semi-trailer with electricity and sustainable compressed air.

Collaborating with Roefs Carrosserie, a complete design for the high-tech semi-trailer was made. Especially incorporating the SolarOnTop with electric compressor proved to have a great impact on the environment. When the truck engine is used for compressing the air, it is very often idling for at least 15 minutes with a cold engine, causing relatively dirty exhaust gasses and unnecessary noise. A thing of the past, thanks to onboard solar energy generation and intelligent energy management.

Heemskerk Dairy - Solar powred truck by SolarOnTop - Solar panels on the roof of the trailer

Heemskerk Dairy

Heemskerk Dairy is an innovative partner for the modern dairy farmer, operating in more than 17 countries within Europe. Simultaneous with reducing the environmental impact for its customers, Heemskerk Dairy has made the commitment to also look at its own internal procedures and equipment to reduce the carbon and NOx footprint. The company is a leading and dynamic organization within the dairy industry, distinguishing itself through a technologically high-quality and unique product range, coupled with intensive support for their customers.

IM Efficiency

IM Efficiency stands for an affordable, reliable, and sustainable future in the world of logistics. The company develop technologies that disrupt the energy management of trucks and trailers. Using clean and renewable energy sources within the (semi-)trailer, its innovations decrease the carbon emissions of the complete vehicle. Since the start of IM Efficiency, the scale-up has been studying energy consumption in heavy-duty vehicles and established key partnerships to innovate in this market. Regarded worldwide as a key player in solar innovation for vehicles, IM Efficiency provides every fleet operator with the opportunity to reduce carbon emissions with the ‘free’ power of the sun.


MOFFETT is a brand of HIAB and manufacturer of truck mounted forklifts that promise safety, cost efficiency and reliable performance. MOFFETT’s commitment to solution driven design is reflected in the versatility and functionality of each truck mounted forklift. Innovative design delivers simple and efficient load and unload of the forklift itself and its cargo. It’s products are backed up by a global service network with the expertise to keep your investment working day after day, year after year. HIAB MOFFETT has won the Innovation IFOY Award with the Electric Truck-mounted Forklift, being the “Oscar” for intralogistics products.