Action Starts with Implementation of IM Efficiency SolarOnTop Technology for a Sustainable Future

The SolarOnTop technology was officially launched within the fleet of Action, during an Action Sustainability Event in the distribution center in Echt (Limburg). The photovoltaic technology was installed on a part of the dedicated fleet in Echt, gathering data for the following months to demonstrate the impact of the SolarOnTop. Besides the SolarOnTop, Action also presented their first two fully electric trucks, further boosting Action’s sustainable ambitions.

Action powers its truck with solar panels through SolarOnTop

The innovative solution harnesses the power of the sun to reduce CO₂ emissions, lower fuel consumption and increase energetic reliability within the double deck trailer loading platform, making it a valuable addition to Action's mission of creating a more environmentally-friendly future.

The SolarOnTop technology is an onboard solar solution that increases fuel efficiency by providing an alternative energy source to power the truck and trailer's auxiliary systems, reducing the need for the alternator to generate electricity. While driving, the technology intelligently supports the vehicle by powering the electrical appliances with solar energy or by using the energy stored in the SolarOnTop’s lithium battery. With SolarOnTop, truck drivers no longer have to idle the engine during breaks, as they can use the energy stored in the battery to power hotel loads.

Action' solar-powered truck with the SolarOnTop technology

Specifically for the logistics activities of Action, the SolarOnTop charges the movable loading platform, to ensure reliability of the system and extend the lifetime of the electrical components. This solution enables Action to save over 1.200 liters of fuel and lower carbon emissions with 4 tonnes of CO₂ per year per trailer, with a break even period of 3 years.

As part of this demonstration project, the SolarOnTop technology was showcased together with the EV trucks on Friday, February 3rd, 2023 at Action's distribution center in Echt, where the SolarOnTop implemented on the Double Deck trailers was presented. These already sustainable Double Deck trailers – due to their ability to carry 60% more cargo than a standard trailer – are produced by Burgers Carrosserie, who installed the SolarOnTop on the trailers in collaboration with IM Efficiency.

We are happy and proud to work together with the dedicated team of Action and support the organization in their efforts to become more sustainable. Our SolarOnTop technology is a game-changer in the transportation industry and we look forward to seeing its positive impact on Action's delivery operations.

- Martijn Ildiz, CEO of IM Efficiency.